Regional Championships 2020 - 11 to 14 years group

Following on from our talented 19, 15+yrs Regional qualifiers, This weekend our younger Regional Qualifiers would have raced their final weekend. Due to current times these talented 15 could not race their achievements should not be forgotten. Congratulations to you all.

  • Amelia Cripps
  • Charlotte Gulliver
  • Connor Sherriffs
  • Daniel Corlett
  • Frederick Logan
  • Isabella Thomson
  • James Trevithick
  • Jessica Smith
  • Megan Penny
  • Morgan Farrar
  • Neve Porton
  • Oliver Rundle
  • Patrick Probyn
  • Reuben Buckton
  • Ryan Sheahan

Regional Younger

Regional Championships 2020


The past weekend should have seen 18 of our talented 15+ year swimmers compete at the Regional Championships in Plymouth. Due to the circumstances we find ourselves in all of the hard work was not shown in the pool. We do celebrate you and your hard work. Well done to you all.

  • Caitlin & Emilie Gulliver
  • Edward Smith
  • Emily Preedy
  • Gabriella Doughty
  • Grace Osman
  • Harvie Greenwood
  • James Andrew
  • Leia Griffiths
  • Lucy & Megan Adamson
  • Matilda Hart
  • Oliver Kocharski
  • Owen Jackson
  • Poppy Turner
  • Ryan Lawrence
  • Samuel Dubarry
  • Sophie Walker
  • Nikola Kaczor

IMG 0584

Tigersharks Raffle April 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have decided to postpone the draw date of the Tigersharks Raffle. An updated date will be posted once arranged.


Tigersharks are always happy to hear from you.

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please contact Lesley Leffers on mobile 07707 470100

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